Week 13-14


The Final Week, Week 9

This past week has been hectic. We finished the presentation boards and presented to our peers and to our lecturers on tuesday. They enjoyed the presentation and the feedback we received was very positive. The only comments were things such as changes reflecting personal preferences. Which could be done if the project was taken further, but as of this moment, we didn’t change the designs because then we would have made a few happy while making others unhappy. The colour scheme and design remained the same to remain generic. 

On thursday, we met with our client to show her our product. She said roughly the same as our lecturers saying that she enjoyed the design and understood the concept of trying to give incentives for students once they are here and increase productivity of the students through them having a sense of belonging. It would also spread a word of mouth saying that the University of Salford really look after their students unlike some universities where there is a feeling that the student should feel privileged just for their time. 
The only criticism she gave was to the capsule incentive system were you would have to go round the university and explore to get the different components. She believed that the incentive of just an addition to the capsule was not enough to get people out there, she postulated the idea of giving something extra like more print credit when you get the library piece, or a free lesson when you get the gym piece. These were all valid and useful suggestions, but that is something that our client can do that we cannot. This is why the designs have not been changed because we have now given her a new perspective and a new idea, along with a formula for merchandising. That, I believe, Is more than she wanted, and from our meeting with her, I think she is very satisfied with the result. 

Overall, I believe my team has done very well in this project. It has been difficult, but the difficulty has never arisen from the team or from lack of effort. The challenges we faced were all external. And yet our team did a fine job of getting the task done. We have put a lot of effort into this project and I believe we ended with a good result. As for myself, I enjoyed this project, even though there were external difficulties at time, but with that said, I am very proud of my team and our product. 

As a final note, we took the final product to our focus group, and I didn’t hear a bad word about it. They loved it. A few even offered to buy one off me on the spot. If the customer is happy, then I am happy!Image